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Automatic Slurry Separator

Get this automatic slurry separator installed to adequately treat slurry, so that it can be used as a fertilizer. Liquid and solid parts of the slurry are separated by this rugged and flexible separating machine.

Biogas Generator

Order from us a biogas generator to product biogas from organic matter in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. A Kiloskar genset is needed to continuously power the biogas generator.

Biogas Plant and Equipment

Biogas plant equipment are widely utilized as a cooking gas mostly in village areas. These are also ideal for electricity production. Biogas plant equipment are highly efficient and easy to install. Applicable for processing heating, digester, cooking, water heating etc.

Gas Handling System

Gas handling systems are appreciated widely for their convenient installation and longer service life. These are basically used as a panel to connect cylinder from medium to high quality of gases. Gas handling systems are anti-corrosive, reliable and highly versatile.

Food Grinder

A free-standing food grinder is used to grind the waste food into small particles. Driven by a powerful motor, this grinder has a hopper on the top to feed the food waste and it releases the ground food waste from the bottom.  

Bio Gas Equipments

Bio Gas Plants are widely used in applications that promote rural sustainability and reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere by preventing the burning of wood. We create these with the assistance of specialists with the most up-to-date technologies.

Portable Biogas Plants

 Portable Biogas Plants are a man-made system that converts trash into sustainable energy and fertilizers while also having a positive impact on the environment. These plants are very economical and widely used. They are very effective and are highly durable to use.

Floating Dome Biogas Plant For Villages

Floating Dome Biogas Plant For Villages is a type of underground digester and a moving gas holder. This floats on top of the fermentation slurry or in its own water jacket. The gas is collected in a gas drum that rises and falls in response to the amount of gas stored.