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Get Industry Best Biogas Generators, Commercial Biogas Plants, Etc., From Us.

About Us

The emphasis of our company lies on efficient treatment of wet biodegradable waste into organic fertilizer and energy. Sufficing unending demand for organic solutions, we, Urja Bio System Pvt. Ltd., have cemented our position as a manufacturer, supplier and service provider in the business domain. We are one of the long-standing corporations in the industry that assures of bringing forth an innovative gamut of Biogas Generators, PVC Biogas Storage Balloons, Commercial Gas Handling Systems, Commercial Biogas Plants and other products. 

We are immersed in rendering vast solutions in relation to green products. We keep customers rising needs in view and offer the most premium solutions. Our product line consisting of diverse products is lauded by customers for many incomparable features, such as long operational service, ergonomic design, simple functionality, optimum performance and easy installation. 

Our company has a team of qualified personnel that is driven towards providing effective solutions to customers. They ensure conceptualization of made-to-order products as per needs of customers. These hardworking professionals pay huge emphasis on customers requirements and efficiently handle treatment of wet organic biodegradable waste and convert them in an excellent way into energy and value added manure. 

We are proceeding our business by focusing upon the mission of uplifting technology that will be considered for usage in the exceptional decentralized processing of organic wet waste into energy. Our company is industriously putting efforts in the direction of improving operations of our industry and commercial persons. In all these years of business, our company has installed biogas power generation projects and others of upto 200 in the capacity around 10KW To 1.5MW. Our corporation renders complete support to customers by meeting their requirements for innovative green solutions. 

We are immersed in managing business as a service provider that permits us to offer high-quality services concerned with Boot Bases Project, AMP Services, Operations And Maintenance Optimization Services, etc. Our company being the foremost choice in the industry for services of turnkey projects in waste management, compressed biogas & pipe lined biogas distribution assures of supreme quality at affordable price margin. 

What Set Us Apart?

We are a progressive business enterprise that has the capability of accomplishing requirements in the domain for Commercial Biogas Plants, Biogas Generators and other organic solutions. We have vast experience in this sector that makes it easier for us to provide customers with efficient systems that stand tall on their modern requirements. We have effectively met customers requirements in this area of business operation and the same can be seen below:

  • Our company has successfully installed 2 CUM prefabricated family sized plants more than around 1000 in and across 20 districts of Maharashtra.
  • Our corporation has carried out around 12 community biogas projects in Maharashtra and CG where we are immersed in the activity of providing biogas via pipeline distribution to many customers and selling slurry to farmers under Gobardhan. 
  • Our firm is involved in empanelment of CREDA, GEDA, MEDA, TREDL and many others that are nodal agencies of MNRE. We are chosen as technical firm regarding appropriate implementation of Gobardhan program. 
  • Our firm attained approval of 75 projects regarding biogas power plant generation under the Biogas Power (OffGrid) Programme in 2006. We were immensely applauded for our contribution by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in New Delhi.
  • Our company has been lauded for its efforts and work by National Productivity Council Government. They have also published our project success story in the National Evaluation Report On Biogas to Power for MNRE, recently in 2020. 

Our Accomplishments

Our business enterprise has obtained successful market recognition for its innumerable accolades and accomplishments. Few of them are cited below:

National Awards

  • Apex India MSME Award 2021 For Waste Management
  • Circular Waste Management- Bio-methanation
  • Excellence in Biogas Plants
  • Outstanding Professional Achievement & Contribution in Waste to Energy Sector 2020
  • Society of Energy Engineers & Managers (SEEM) National Energy Management, New Delhi-SEEMS Gold Award 2020

International Awards

  • International Training cum study Tour to Biogas and waste to Energy
  • Pride of Newcastle University Award 2021

State Level Awards

  • Sakal Iconic Professional of Maharashtra 2021by Sakal Media Group Pune
  • MCCIA Udyojakta Award
  • MCCIA Udyojatka Puraskar

Meet The Team

Our team is supporting us in bringing forth an unparalleled and effective gamut of products and services for industry and commercial firms in the industry. We as a team are putting our efforts in the direction of gaining mutual strength and success in the marketplace. Mr. Gajanan Patil is our mentor who owns years of experience in efficient management of liquid and solid waste.  These people from different operational areas too are also contributing towards uplifting our business growth:

  • Mr.Amar Patil
  • Mr. Satish Bharad
  • Mr.Rajkumar Mane
  • Mr.Inoddin Choudhary

Apart from them, there are many more hardworking and knowledgeable people in our team who are managing their respective business designations in the most excellent manner.